Friday, December 19, 2008


Dear President-elect Obama:

I'd like my vote back. Please. I mean, it won't make a difference in the outcome. You won handily and even took my home state of Florida. But I want to give my vote to Cynthia McKinney.

Sure I know she's wacked and like her father Billy, probably isn't too fond of Jews. I'm not even sure how you'd retrieve my vote. Perhaps by Executive Order? But regrettably, she deserves it more than you.

This probably surprises you. After all, while some of my left-swinging pals were swilling the Kucinich and Edwards Kool-aid, I had your back. "Change we can believe in." It became my mantra from the day you announced in Springfield, IL.

It was a more recent announcement that crushed my heart in 9,124,522 pieces, your exact margin of victory over John McCain. How you could allow Rick Warren attend, let alone preside at your inauguration defies belief. He's a man who has equated homosexuality to incest and pedophilia. You accepted NARAL's endorsement, but alas your Preacher DeJour has compared abortion to the Holocaust.

Some of my friends have shrugged off this move and given you the benefit of the doubt. "He's doing what he has to do," they say. Here's what I suggest you do, Mr. President-elect. Take Michelle to see the wonderful film Milk, starring Sean Penn. Then rethink your choice of Pastor Warren. The film is great, and you'll see what it really means to lead a Purpose Driven Life.

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you know who this is said...

get used to it. Barack is already thinking about 2012, and he's still the president-elect, not the president. And if his cabinet is any indication, maybe 'change' from what we've seen the last eight years - but real change we can believe in? I'll have to see it before I can believe in it, and I've yet to see it. BUT McKinney!?!? I understand all the choices were crap, but I'd write-in a vote for APGG before I'd vote for McKinney. She's an embarrassment; would Farrakan have been any better than Warren?