Thursday, December 18, 2008


Incredible as it sounds, Canes Rising reports that Miami QB Robert Marve will miss the coveted Emerald (Nuts) Bowl against California because he arrived 15 minutes late for his English class. In Coral Gables, this counts as an absence and marks the fifth time the prodigal QB had missed class this semester.

Apparently, folks at the Hecht Center are adhering pretty strongly to what amounts to a "five strikes and you're out" policy for athletes. I know what you're thinking, how can a kid possibly succeed with a mere four chances? Amazing, huh? But not nearly as wacked as the ham-handed explanation offered by Marve's father, who's passed the jock mentality down to his son. Consider this...
What happened was he was given a warning not to miss another class. He was 15 minutes late to the class because he was talking to another teacher...His grade for the particular English class was not fine, but his overall GPA was fine, so he would have been able to play.
Looks like this didn't fly with Coach Shannon, who's son Xavier, by the way, owns the highest GPA on the Canes squad. Holding players accountable will pay off in the long run. With Jacory Harris behind center, and Marve following in the footsteps of former next-best-thing malcontents like Bryan Forte, the Canes could be trading in their (Emerald) Nuts for Sugar or Oranges in, gulp, 2010.

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