Thursday, January 1, 2009


January 1 seemed like a good time to revisit my favorite story of 2008. It involves the north Alabama City of Dothan and their soon to be burgeoning Jewish community. That's if Larry Blumberg has anything to say about it. He loves, loves, loves Dothan and thinks you should too. Well, maybe not you, but definitely me.

You see, Blumberg is tired of being an army of one, at least when it comes to being a Dothan Jew. He'd like some company at Temple Emanu-el and put his money where his mouth is by offering $50,000 to 20 Jewish families willing to relocate to Dothan. That's enough to make me say Goodbye Publix, hello Piggly-Wiggly!

Why not? Dothan has quite a bit to offer. Screw Martha's Vineyard. We're talkin' Maria's Vineyard, nestled amongst the Oak and Pecans. And don't forget the Peanut Monument, which I imagine pays homage to crushed Peanuts worldwide. But here's the question. Were they kosher?

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