Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ever since the People's Governor announced his bid to become the People's Junior Senator from Florida, I can't get the song Domino out of my head. Not the Van Morrison version. The one by KISS. It's better, trust me.

No matter. Look for dominos to fall all over the Florida political landscape. Sink for Governor? Yeah, now you're talkin'. But here comes Bill McCollum, who holds the record for seeking 1,098 different elected positions in the state. Wait, he's the Attorney General. Dave Aronberg from Palm Beach wants that job. Has since he was 12. Then who takes his seat?

The haymaker, of course, is the Crist-Rubio primary. Rubio will attempt to paint Crist to the left of Chavez and who knows what else he'll try to make stick. Rick had it right over at SFDB. It's time to ante up for some popcorn. This one will be rich.

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